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Mirabelle Haus - Cornish Rex - DOB 2010

Mirabelle Haus - Cornish Rex - DOB 2010

  • tiny, delicate cat but tough
  • confident, loving and sociable
  • good with dogs
  • clicker trained and highly treat-motivated
  • actively learning how to handle different locations - natural and urban

TRICKS - jump through a hoop, sit pretty, jump up on a 'place'

TRAINING - clicker

HEALTH & FITNESS - extremely athletic and lean; very small; high energy

NOTES - (rated out of 10)
cat's comfort level with strangers in cat's home 10
cat is playful and will engage with toys 9
cat can be lured with treats 9
cat is a poser or a ham 8
cat is comfortable to travel in car 7
cat is comfortable in new surroundings 8